Battery Crew

Automotive Battery Services

Battery Crew Is The Best Place For Your Auto Care

Battery Crew has extensive knowledge and experience in car batteries. Moreover, we provide the automotive batteries in South Africa, ranging from Easy Start to Raylite.

Additionally, our batteries are trusted by all leading car manufacturers and come with a 24-month warranty.

If your car won’t start because of a dead battery, we offer on-site assistance. Regardless of whether you’re stranded at home or work, our team will bring a replacement battery and install it at your location.

Customer service is our top priority, and we offer hassle-free service for your convenience. You can schedule a visit to our station at your preferred time. Schedule your booking today to experience our excellent service.

Get your battery checked for free

Regularly checking your car battery is vital for safety and proper vehicle maintenance. At Battery Crew, we provide a free battery inspection, checking for corrosion, cracks, and leaks, cleaning posts and terminals, tightening cables, and measuring the battery charge with a voltmeter. If you notice clicking noises or dim lights, bring your car to us for a free battery check.